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Tue, Jan 5, 2016

ZINWELL Selects Sigma Designs’ Next Generation Prime

FREMONT, CA and LAS VEGAS, NV – CES – Sigma Designs® (NASDAQ: SIGM), a leading provider of intelligent system-on-chip (SoC) solutions for Smart TV, Internet of Things for Smart home, media connectivity and IP-based set-top-boxes (STBs), today announced ZINWELL has selected Sigma Designs’ new Prime for their latest 8100 MIMO (Multi-Input, Multi-Output) Power Line Communication Home Networking Product Line. technology offers a single, broadly supported standard for connecting networked devices over any existing wired infrastructure (powerline, coax and phone line) in the home. With the rapid expansion of 4K (Ultra-high Definition) content and the ubiquity of multi screens in the home, the need for a robust, high throughput home networking fabric is more demanding than ever. The ability to deliver dependable coverage in real home environments that are plagued with interference obstacles such as surge protectors and appliances and the congestion challenges of MDUs is becoming essential for service providers to meet their customer’s requirements.

ZINWELL’s new 8100 series, including a standard PLC-to-Gigabit Ethernet Bridge (model number: PLS-8111), an AC Pass-through socket equipped PLC-to-Gigabit Ethernet Bridge (model number: PLS-8141), and an 802.11ac + 802.11n Dual-Band Dual Concurrent Wi-Fi Extender (model number: PLS-8101), is specially designed to fit into every household’s needs for distributing 4K UHD video streams and data over power lines, all within a palm-sized design, making ZINWELL 8100 series on the top choice of powerline adaptors.

With speed several times faster than regular Ethernet or legacy HomePlug AV network, ZINWELL’s 8100 series is an excellent solution when you need to extend a wired home network and bring Internet to a place, even where Wi-Fi signal can’t reach or a far corner of the home, such as the basement, with the advanced AES encryption standard for a secure private network communication.

In addition to advantages offered by ZINWELL’s 8100 series for consumers, service providers also benefits from ZINWELL 8100 series’ plug-and-play installation and unprecedented convenience, significantly lowering the total labor cost.

“As a worldwide leading provider of Powerline products, Sigma was chosen as ZINWELL’s strategic partner because of their key leadership in G. hn technology development. Sigma’s latest technology development addresses the demands of the market and they are a supportive partner to work with,” said Yasha Yama, Head of Digital Products at ZINWELL.

“ Prime was created to address the rapidly expanding demand for a reliable medium for networking high bandwidth content around the home,” said Nadav Katsir, Sigma Designs’ vice president connectivity business unit. “In addition, it offers complete self-install home networking for multiple streaming with no new wires needed to be installed. It’s a winning solution for our partners, for service providers and for customers alike.” Prime™ takes advantage of on-chip acceleration engines and algorithms to move data at up to three times the speed of the next-closest competitor’s product under TCP protocol which is the dominant delivery protocol for today’s streaming content. Prime is available as a firmware update included with Sigma’s CG5300 and CG5200 chipsets. Prime also allows seamless expansion throughout the home. Sigma’s premium solutions ensure whole-home coverage through co-existence with, HPAV and HPAV2 devices.

Sigma Designs will showcase Prime and ZINWELL’s 8100 series system at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show, January 6-9 in Suite 2992 at the Westgate.

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About Sigma Designs
Sigma Designs, Inc. (NASDAQ: SIGM) is a world leader in enabling smart home convergence. The company designs and builds the essential semiconductor technologies that serve as the foundation for the world’s leading IPTV set-top boxes, Smart TV, connected media players, Internet of Things (IoT) for smart home devices and residential gateways and whole home media connectivity.

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