Gigabit Home Networking – The Future of Home Networks, Today

What if you could simply connect all the devices on your home network – with no worries? is the technology behind the fastest and cleanest home networking service platform available today – it works over any wire in the home – and out performs any competing home network technology. networks are simple and easy to install – and support the latest in technology innovations, like multi-room Ultra-HD video from room to room over your home network. sends digital content over any wire – powerline, coax, phone lines – it’s  simplicity at its best. Install it, use it – forget it. It just works.

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About HomeGrid Forum

HomeGrid Forum (HGF) is an industry alliance that started in 2008 and the first HGF certified product was deployed in 2013.  HGF brings together the world’s best in technology innovators, silicon vendors, system manufacturers and service providers to promote, the globally recognized gigabit home networking technology based on ITU-T standards. provides a single service delivery platform for your entertainment, your workspace – all your digital lifestyle needs – across any wire, simply and reliably.

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The global members of the HomeGrid Forum promote the use of over powerline, coax, copper pairs and plastic optical fiber – thus meeting the needs of every home network. HomeGrid Forum certifies multi-sourced compliant silicon and interoperable systems through a strict compliance and interoperability (C & I) program, giving customers and Service Providers alike confidence that all certified products will work together, seamlessly. We also continue to support the needs of Service Providers who have deployed other technologies, such as HomePNA, as we help transition the market to

With over 70 members worldwide, HomeGrid Forum represents a full technology ecosystem. From multiple silicon vendors to system manufacturers, to service providers and retailers our common goal is to promote the development of best in class products through our standards and certification programs – ensuring technology meets evolving industry and user needs.

HomeGrid Forum has released its latest white paper based on HomeGrid's own experience and collaboration with the Broadband Forum in developing a strong Compliance and interoperability program.

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